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12/14/2006: "Celshading from the 80's - STARCHASER: THE LEGEND OF ORIN"

I hadn't heard of Starchaser: the Legend of Orin until today, but now I'm curious enough to someday buy the DVD. The creators drew most of the film by hand, but they used computers to help create the spaceships.

According to The 80's Movie Rewind, the artists used computers to generate vector-graphics for the spaceships. The artists then drew over the vector-graphics with the same ink-and-paint used for the rest of the film.

Check out the trailer for this film on YouTube.

Update -- Anthony Zierhut worked as an inbetweener on Starchaser. Here's what he remembers of the techniques used on that project:

"...they had a room with two plotters drawing spaceships (one for each eye in stereo) on white bond paper 24/7. They then sent the paper off to Korea for traditional ink-and-paint, like everything we were drawing in graphite. The hand-drawn parts (90% of the movie) were separated mathematically by hand: they did it by exposing the cels twice (on two separate pieces of film) with left and right eye coordinates animated on the bed by hand -- measured in ticks on the east-west, north-south bed control wheel. That must've been a nightmare for somebody! The images were then optically printed on traditional 4-perf 35mm film, but split: the top 2 perfs had one eye and the bottom 2 had the other. A special lens put the two together on screen and traditional 3d glasses separated them for the audience."

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