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10/13/2005: "My SIGGRAPH 2003 presentation on celshading..."

I'm posting this 2003 presentation on LightWave celshading online due to a forum request. (Quicktime, 15MB).

A nod to both GruvSyco and Triple G for capturing NewTek's webcast and converting it into Quicktime format. Posted with permission.

Update -- it looks like the audio track won't play in QuickTime 7, although it plays fine in QuickTime 6. QuickTime 7 users curious about the audio track can listen to it separately in MP3 format (14MB).

Update -- Rabbitroo generously recompiled the original video and the MP3 track into a new video file that is compatible with QuickTime 7. If you have QuickTime 7, download this file instead of the original QuickTime 6 file. (16MB)

For the curious, these are the three celshaded video files playing during the presentation:

08:05 PM PST [link]