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07/03/2005: "(Non-celshaded) 60% off Dogwaffle v2.1 through July 4th"

Project Dogwaffle is a natural-media paint program written by artist Dan Ritchie. Potential uses for celshader artists range from painting backgrounds for locked-down camera shots to creating texture maps for celshaded models. Folks can download version 1.2 for free, and download free tutorials to help them get started. Those interested in the recent commercial versions might consider taking advantage of a 60%-off sale for version 2.1. This sale knocks the price of Dogwaffle v2.1 down to $26.80 USD. If one purchases the $37 upgrade from version 2 to v3, this sale also makes it possible to get version 3 for $63.80 instead of the regular $97 price. Not bad. This Dogwaffle sale will last through July 4th.

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