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05/05/2005: "(Non-celshaded) DREAM ON, SILLY DREAMER; anime biz; Cinema4D offer"

Random links of interest:

Dream On, Silly Dreamer, which documents the fall of hand-drawn Disney Feature Animation, will screen May 23rd in the Los Angeles area. Tickets go on sale at noon today.


Yahoo has an interesting article on Japanese animators receiving business training.


Until July 31st of this year, the makers of Cinema 4D have a most generous "LightWave Companion" offer -- everyone who owns a copy of LightWave can purchase the $1895 Cinema4D XL bundle for $995. In addition, people who take advantage of this offer will receive a copy of SniperPro (the Cinema 4D equivalent of FPrime) and a Cinema 4D menu preset that more closely resembles the LightWave interface.

However, this offer may not be as cheap as $995 for intrigued celshader artists. The XL bundle does not include the $495 Sketch & Toon module, and I am not yet certain if the XL bundle has sufficient inking tools without Sketch & Toon. Helpful Cinema 4D users informed me of a free celshader plug-in called "Toony," which might duplicate the built-in celshader tools that come with LightWave. Examples of Toony renders can be seen in this forum thread.

Since 1999 I've earned my living with LightWave 3D, and all of my celshaded work to date has been done in LightWave. I have no pressing artistic or financial need to purchase another package at this time.

Still, that Sketch & Toon plug-in sure looks like fun...

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