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03/17/2005: " updates; fun stuff; LightWave [8] manual goofs on Edges"

I've updated A Celshaded List with information submitted by Jacob Poon. I have also updated An Anime for You with revised links, as some of them had expired.

Dade W. Bell sent in two fun links to projects he had worked on: a five-second Quicktime entry to the Cadillac Under 5 contest and a Zoids fan-comic. Dade created the Quicktime along with Travis Read in Cinema4D with the Sketch & Toon plug-in. For the comic, Dade used Hash:Animation Master for the backgrounds and mecha.

Yesterday I read what the LightWave[8] manual had to say about Edges. It got some facts right: it correctly explains Edge Z-Scale, Shrink Edges with Distance, Edge Color and the fact that Edges trace existing polygonal edges in a given model. However, its descriptions of Silhouette Edges, Unshared Edges, Sharp Creases, Surface Borders and Other Edges range from almost-right to horribly, horribly wrong. This misinformation could make learning to celshade extremely difficult for beginners. No one can hope to control Edges if they don't know the technical rules behind them.

I have documentation for the rules of Edges right here, and I encourage beginners to read it. It's not perfect. It needs to mention that Sharp Creases can only double as "Silhouette Edges" on double-sided subpatch surfaces. Still, it's a lot less wrong than the current LightWave[8] manual. Also, for those who bought copies of LightWave 3D 8: 1001 Tips & Tricks, check out the visual examples of Edges in the celshader section I wrote. Until the next LightWave manual comes out with revised Edges information, though, ignore the LightWave[8] manual when it comes to explaining the five types of Edges.

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