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03/04/2005: "HARUWO - celshaded short done with Hash: Animation Master 10.5" hosts a 30-minute celshaded short created with Hash:Animation Master. This short might have been created by one person. The page containing the short does not seem to display the embedded WMV file in a FireFox browser, but it will run on Internet Explorer.

Thanks goes to Hash artist Paul Daley for submitting this link.

Hash:AM users looking for celshaded Hash examples should also consider renting or buying Magical Play and URDA. The 30-minute OAV episode of Magical Play used Hash and LightWave for characters and backgrounds, respectively. URDA, another celshaded short film created by a single artist, also used Hash and LightWave.

My personal favorite celshaded Hash character models right now are Padudu from Magical Play, followed closely by Janet Hunter from URDA. Of all of the celshaded Hash models I've seen so far, they come the closest to looking like cleanly inked-and-painted animation cels.

05:09 AM PST [link]