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02/14/2005: "ADV Films' Valentine's Day sale - MAGICAL PLAY for $10.98"

AnimeonDVD reports that ADV Films has a Valentine's Day sale going on until the end of this month. One of the titles for sale is Magical Play. This two-disc DVD set includes the 100%-celshaded-3D, 30-minute OAV episode along with the three hand-drawn episodes. Not all of the 3D models in this OAV are perfect, but the celshaded model of main character Padadu, the little red-haired girl in the fish costume, looks wonderful. Celshader artists looking for inspiration and examples of 100%-celshaded projects should consider renting or purchasing this DVD.

To see some of the 3D material on this DVD, watch the original Japanese trailer for this episode in RealPlayer format.

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