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10/23/2004: "Rashad "Shade01" Redic Profile on CG Focus; unReal: Inking Test"

CG Focus recently added a profile of Rashad Redic, founder of and creator of the celshaded "UltraViolent" film. In addition to an interview, the profile includes a new gallery of "UltraViolent" images.

   I'm experimenting with the free unReal plug-in to see what it can do. So far I've concluded that I would have to model differently for unReal's inking tools. I already know how LightWave Edges work and can model accordingly, but it will take some time for me to learn how to model for unReal.

My best celshaded model, to date, has been Lore. However, I built Lore to work with LightWave's Edges, not unReal's ToonTracer, so he's not the best model to ink with unReal. Still, click on the image to the left to see what Lore's hair looks like when it uses unReal 1.20d instead of LightWave's Edges. His head still uses Edges for its inks in this 2MB Quicktime file.

11:59 AM PST [link]