Super Cel Shader tries to smooth over any difference in Color Zones. For example, the default settings have a difference of .05 between each Zone, creating an "anti-aliased" look even when Anti-Aliasing is turned off. This smoothing can be a pain when trying to mimic anime (since a large enough patch that falls between shading zones will look weirdly smudged instead of cel-painted--to fix a render error like that, eliminate all differences between Zones and turn on LightWave's regular Anti-Aliasing in the Camera panel--you'll get a cleaner "paint job"). On the other hand, a large enough difference between Zones can create a gradient-like shading. Here I set Zones 1-3 to 0.0/0.0 with a Paint Brightness of 0.7, and Zone 4 to 1.0/infinity with a Paint Brightness of 1.0. Here's how Super Cel Shader tried to smooth over the transition:


Now, the surface color of the hair and clothes is RGB 128, 0, 255. If I set the Paint Brightness of Zone 4 to 2.0, each value is multiplied by 2, resulting in (rounding to the highest possible value) RGB 255, 0, 255: