Cel Shader Links

Here are some links that you may find useful for your cel-shaded work.

Anime Resources

Animania -- This anime club holds monthly anime screenings in a campus auditorium with a huge screen and a terrific sound system. If you live near Ann Arbor, Michigan, you can't pass this up.

Anime Encyclopedia -- A good resource for anime art, but you'll need a fast modem.

Anipike -- This jumpstation has links to tons of anime Web sites.

KASHA -- I never miss a KASHA screening, if I can help it. Here I get to see cool anime that rarely, if ever, gets released here in America. These screenings introduced me to Rose of Versailles, CHOU Kuseninarisou!, Minky Momo, Creamy Mami, Mizuiro Jidai, and Legendary Love Angel Wedding Peach. If you live near Garden City, Michigan, be sure to check this gem out!

Shamanic Princess -- Pictures and animations from one of the most beautiful anime OVA series I've ever seen. At SIGGRAPH '98 I learned that it had been inked, painted and enhanced by a new computer system from Sony. Cool.

Vision of Escaflowne -- Images from the series that takes the traditional "cliff-hanger" to the next level. Finally available in the States through AnimeVillage.com.


Dark Orb Digital's Avalon Section -- Cool shots of the hovercycle and Morpheus interior.

Geistig Engine -- There are some Avalon QTVRs here.

Sergsite's Avalon Section -- Has the Japanese trailer, the "Hollywood" trailer, and a White Zombie mix.

Other Cel Shaded Works

Adrian van der Park -- creator of a killer short called Mars Grit.

Dark Orb Digital -- several cool cel-shaded pieces. Be sure to check out Fighting Crush Valkyrie and the "Rapsaurian".

Animation at throb.net -- Has The Castle of Dr. Schneckledorf.

Production IG -- Their intro animation for Tales of Destiny blew me away.

Tales of Destiny -- I don't own this game (yet), but I saw its incredible cel-shaded intro animation (by Production IG!!!) at one of the great Animania screenings. You can download a teeny version of the intro animation from Namco's site. You can also find screenshots from that animation here and here.

Plug-Ins for LightWave 3D

I haven't had a chance to use any of these plug-ins yet, but they look cool.

Motion Designer -- One of the more amazing deformation plug-ins that I've seen for LightWave 3D.

The James K. Polk Collection -- One of the plug-ins in the Polk collection is EdgeRGB, used for the variable-width ink line on Dennis Price's Cel Chick (and on Adrian van der Park's Mars Grit).

Silhouette -- A LightWave shader that simulates hand-painted and hand-inked effects.

3DS MAX and Hash Animation:Master Stuff

Non-LightWave, but you might get some ideas from these galleries:

CartoonReyes -- there's a cel-shaded piece of two known political figures doing the "Macarena" in this gallery. (3DS MAX).

The Incredible Comic Book Shop -- From Meme-X. Be sure to see The Biode War. (3DS MAX).

Macca Strewth -- a short film from Australia. (Hash Animation:Master).